Sustainability charter

We travel to meet people, to visit places, to broaden our views and enlarge knowledge of all kind. We want our travelling to be as sustainable as possible.

For macro decisions we join greater forces like our governments and associations. For your service here, we act on a micro basis, and we hope you appreciate. Please tell us what you think of it, all suggestions are most welcome.

  • In the rooms:
    • Air/air pump system for cooling and heating which limits use of carbon fuels to the coldest days. Extra pure wool blankets are available 😊.
    • For long stays: bedlinen is washed weekly.
  • In the bathroom:
    • We propose a glass or a cup made of PLA (cornbased resin, disposable and compostable).
    • Shower gel and hand soap are organic and proposed in containers.
    • Towels are washed when required, like at home.
  • At the breakfast table:
    • We serve organic and where possible local food: bread and viennoiseries, milk and lactose-free drinks, fruit and fruit juice, jam and eggs, cheese and delicatessen.
  • In the garden:
    • No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used.
    • We plant mainly local species and especially to attract butterflies, bees and birds.
    • A lavogne collects rainwater for birds and other animals.
  • In the kitchen:
    • All the waste is sorted (green, plastics, glass, metal, other).
    • Green waste is composted in the garden.
    • Food is kept fresh using biodegradable compostable film only.
  • Other
    • Insulation of roof and exterior walls to reduce use of energy.
    • Sun protection / heat reduction on the Velux windows in the room.
    • Collection of rain water in a 15.000 liter tank for re-use.
    • Recycled paper for prints, and we prefer to be digital.
  • Future
    • Move to a green electricity provider.
    • Solar panels on the roof.