COVID-19 – The mandatory guidelines to be respected at the B&B are communicated to the guests during the reservation process and again 48h before arrival, depending on the situation at that time. Please check also the home page of our website.

  • Check-in and check-out

    - Check-in: 03.00PM
    - Check-out: 11.00AM

  • Reservations

    - Reservations are preferably made using a credit card.
    - In case no credit card is used, we ask prepayment on our bank account.
    - Prices :
            - 1 night 1 person room only: 90€
            - 1 night 1 person room with breakfast: 100€
            - 1 night 2 persons room only: 100€
            - 1 night 2 persons room with breakfast: 120€
            - 1 week 1 person (no breakfast): 400€
            - 1 month 1 person (no breakfast): 750€
            - All prices mentioned include taxes and VAT

  • Cancellation

    - During COVID-19 times cancellations can be done with no costs at any time. We reimburse the full amount received on our bank account within 1 week.
    - Outside COVID-19 times cancellations can be done with no costs until 5 days before arrival. For cancellations decided later, no reimbursements are done unless we can rent the room to someone else.

  • Other

    - The B&B welcomes adults only.
    - Car parking is free and bikes are stored in the garage.
    - Animals are not allowed in the B&B.
    - Smoking is allowed in the garden and in the garage only.
    - Rooms are on the 1st and 2nd floors to be reached by stairs only.

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